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Revent – Reshaping The World of Baking

Revent invented the rack oven in 1958, a concept that has since then become a global standard within the baking industry. The spirit of innovative thinking and bringing new solutions to the table has been a guiding star ever since the first rack oven. Revents’ customers are professionals that value quality and profitability over time.

Why Revent?

When buying Revent, you buy quality. Maximized product volume and lovely artisan crispy crust. Even bake without rejects. An oven that bakes all breads without adjustments and runs 24/7-365 days a year. There is no other oven on the market that bakes as fast and with as little energy and as much moisture left in the product after the bake as a Revent oven.


A baker faces many different costs in his bakery. When buying important equipment as an oven he needs to count all the costs this equipment will have over its lifetime. We call it TCO - Total Cost of Ownership. Costs of purchase price, installation, service, energy, rejects, packaging and not least production costs all need to be considered as a part of one total lifetime cost for the owner. To a large extent we owe our success from decades of working closely together with the bakers as our eyes and ears of the industry. They know what works and what is valued in their daily business. Therefore it has become our heritage that whenever we develop something new we do it through the eyes and minds of the baker, putting bakers' profitability and baking quality first.

Total cost of ownership

We believe that baking quality and profitability go hand in hand. For the baker, a nice crust and good product volume render better sales and creates satisfied customers coming back, time and time again. Less rejects means more money in return for the baker. Long durability or replacement implies the reduced cost of not having to invest in new equipment as often as from other producers. An oven from Revent is a longtime investment. The Revent ovens short recovery time and great impact on production efficiency have been known for many years but is still significant to evaluate. Over time, energy costs will rise. That's a fact. We urge our customers to go directly to the source of information when evaluating suppliers' products and not just listen to what suppliers say themselves. Everyone cannot be the best even though many say they are. Independent test institute Fisher-Nickel (www.fishnick.com) in California measures energy efficiency for example. On their site you can read results from different rack oven suppliers. Click on Save energy - Rebates - Commercial rack ovens and see for yourself. Service costs are very low. Simplicity and ingenious solutions are guiding stars at our R&D department, therefore when you for example after many years of use want to change a ball-bearing in the rotating platform it is done by unscrewing just four simple bolts, you lift the old one out and put the new one in, done! Installing or moving the ovens shall not occupy valuable production time for the baker. Therefore instead of using screws the modular oven sections are connected by a simple wedge system. If you want the move or sell the oven, you just take out the wedges and it's ready to go.


Innovative industry standards since 1958

Ever since we invented the rack oven in 1958 we have introduced a number of innovations in the industry. In the 1960's and 70's we introduced the concept of upward flowing air streams and our steel ball high volume steam systems to give the bread ultimate rise and a crisp and shiny crust.

Today, we are the largest rack oven producer in the world with ovens baking every day in around 100 countries around the world.

Test bake at our test head quarters

At Revent headquarters in Upplands Väsby Sweden we invite customers from all over the world to come and test bake their products in our ovens at our new full size test bakery. Our professional french baker Damien Foschiatti will be your host.

Revent International
PO Box 714
SE 194 27 Upplands Väsby
Phone: +46 8 590 006 00
Fax: +46 8 590 942 10
E-Mail: info@revent.se