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Rack Ovens

By Sveba-Dahlen AB

The Sveba-Dahlen rack ovens are built to satisfy requirements for high productivity with low operating and maintenance costs - an investment that soon pays off. The rack ovens are excellent for all kinds of bread types and pastry.

The rack oven's stainless exterior maintains a low temperature and is easy to keep clean. The large front window with heat-reflecting glass and good lighting gives a good overview of the baking process. Both the C- and the V-series rack ovens can run on electricity, oil or gas. rack ovens


The C-series is the Sveba-Dahlen range of compact rack ovens, designed for installation in restricted spaces, to bake efficiently, evenly and easily.

The C-series is available in four different sizes and all can be fuelled with electricity, oil or gas. Effective and even baking is obtained thanks to well-balanced coordination of the large volume air flow, the high performance heat exchanger and the controllable steam system. This combination ensures flexible oven operation. The C-series is suitable for a wide range of products; baguettes, rolls and fancy breads as well as heavier bread types. But an oven must not only bake well, it must also be easy to use.

The C-series is supplied as standard with the easy to use Sveba-Dahlen E-panel. With the E-panel, both manually controlled and pre-programmed baking can be selected, the different stages of the baking process indicated by the symbols presented. The ovens of the C-series are easy to keep clean due to the smooth surfaces of the stainless steel enclosure (both externally and internally). The large window in the oven door permits easy supervision of the baking. A small footprint, highly effective, simple and flexible, are key characteristics of the rack ovens of the C-series. Why not make use of the C-series as a key to improved profitability of your baking?


The rack ovens of the V-series are designed to be easy and safe to use. The thick, overlapping insulation keeps the heat where it should be - inside the oven. The easily cleaned stainless steel external surfaces remain at a low temperature and transfer little heat to the working environment. The large window in the door incorporating heat-reflecting glass and the effective internal lighting permits close observation of the baking process inside the oven.

The V-series of rack ovens is designed and manufactured to give you the best baking results, reliably and economically. Day and night, year after year. IBS, the Sveba-Dahlen patented system for alternating the direction of the rack rotation, gives even and effective baking. The patented Cascad steam system incorporated in the V-series produces a powerful, clean and evenly distributed steam supply to give the best baking result.

A V-series rack oven is a sound investment, which soon pays off. The ovens are equipped with effective heat exchangers, they have generously dimensioned, overlapping insulation and a patented steam system with very fast recovery characteristics. This means that the ovens satisfy the demand for high rates of productivity with low operating and maintenance costs.

The V-series of rack ovens are built for a maximum of operational reliability. Material and components are of the highest quality purchased from recognised suppliers. The ovens are tested and approved to satisfy the accepted requirements of the market. A function check is additionally performed on each oven before it leaves the factory.